In 2014, finding a job is all about customization of a Personal Employment Offer and actively promoting yourself for a job.

With most job search tools free and capable of powerful research and networking, success in making a job connection will likely result from multiple factors over time, not the typical sequential process of applying for jobs and hoping to be a match.

People think the Internet has changed everything about job search but it really hasn’t. The best way to find a job is still building a track record of measurable results, marketing your achievements in a compelling way and connecting with influential people to get interviews.

All the Internet has done is give us new ways to accomplish these things on a larger scale and primarily through digital tools.

Once you recognize that job search is a process not an event, you are on your way to developing your own Personal Marketing Plan that focuses on what you can offer and represents your “employment offer”.

Ultimately you have to OWN and be accountable for keeping yourself relevant and marketable in the job market.

Consider these 6 core elements to preparing and marketing your “Job Search Portfolio” in today’s digital job market:


1. Video Interviewing Is Becoming A Common 1st Step In The Interview Process

The cost effectiveness and time savings has made pre-screening Skype interviews a common interviewing trend. How you handle the process can demonstrate to an employer that you are technically savvy.

Zappos candidates get a 3 part interview process. A recruiting phone/ video screen usually on Skype, a technical phone screen and a 2-part onsite interview. These assessments ensure that a candidate has the skills needed to do the job and they are a culture fit for the company. Interviews are carefully constructed to determine if the applicant is technically qualified, will fit into their corporate culture and wants to truly work with the Zappos team versus just want a job. Interviewers pay close attention to the types of questions applicants ask during the video interview and during a tour of the Zappos corporate office. They are looking for a genuine interest and excitement, not just a good resume.

2. Cover Letters Matter

The cover letter is not dead. It is your best opportunity to match your experience, education and skills to what the employer is looking for.  Tell the employer what you have related with what THEY need and BE SPECIFIC! Generic covers are a thing of the past. Forget about the concept of applying for a job and FOCUS ON BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS with Hiring Managers from companies you want to work with.

 3. Create an “Interview Portfolio”

You need to put together a branded presentation that you take to an interview. Developing an interview presentation prepares you for an interview and makes you stand out from your competition by clearly defining how you can help an employer make money, save money or solve a problem.

 4. Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter

Personalize your resume and cover letter for each job you apply to. Online applications make it easy to apply to lots of jobs using the same resume but take the time to consider each job individually and customize your resume (employment offer). Keep in mind that unless you’re REMARKABLE, you’ll be invisible.

5.  Know Your Target Employers

Identify your “target market” by developing a list of companies you want to work for and then research the companies with the specific goal of identifying people to contact within the company. In today’s competitive job market, targeted networking and ongoing marketing are more crucial than ever. Don’t look for what’s available, go after what you want!

6. Make Your Job Search an Investment

Invest the time to architect the lifestyle you want tied to multiple streams of income. Forget about employment security – think INCOME security. Develop a strategy to truly build a career that is satisfying and offers you income as fuel to get what you want and enjoy a REMARKABLE life.

Make your discovery of income security a process that leads you to building great relationships and referrals.