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jobclinic-headphonesNow more than ever, you may seem overwhelmed by the employment options and things you must know to be successful. It may seem that planning for the future is often too complicated and maybe just doing a job and relaxing after work is your best option.

Yet at each stage of your career, if you’re able to separate the right signal from the noise and effectively manage your time, you can build an awesome personal brand and be on your way to a lucrative career while you continue working in a typical job.

When you go on-line to get ideas for a new job or something to connect with your personal brand, it seems like you get thousands of options, most of which are unusable. Noise gets in the way. When there’s too much noise, it’s hard to find the signal.proxy-2

So, how can you break through the noise and get the most out of your thinking to find a new career track?

Consider these insights:


Pick a career area based on a strong future demand, not just what’s hot now. You’ll minimize your competition and ensure your employability for the long-term.

Picking the right career field can also keep you from experiencing disappointment when job hunting. There is so much competition for jobs right now and little job growth in many industries. That is why it is important to find a career track that is growing.  Separate images-2yourself from the noise of media and carefully research job options from a variety of sources to ensure you get realistic and valid information.

Remember, to hit a moving target, you must aim AHEAD of the target to hit it.

The same thing applies to career planning.


We all have 24 hours each day. If your days aren’t productive, your life won’t be solid. Once you master your days, your future success is inevitable. It’s how you prioritize you time to include career planning that can make a BIG difference in where you end up. images-3Make your priority to focus on your goals, not what’s happening in a celebrity’s life or what the president might do.

Here are 5 reasons why many people always feel like they don’t have enough time and what you can do to avoid it.

1. They Multitask

Research conducted at Stanford University found that people who multi-task are less productive and waste more time when switching between tasks than if they had stuck with one task until they finished.

2. They Don’t Prioritize.

Do not start and try to complete every task until you’ve asked this question: “Do I really need to do this now?” If you don’t need to do it now, don’t do it. Tackle high priority tasks first and then turn to the other things. Prioritizing ensures that you make the most efficient use of your time.

3. They Are Easily Distracted.

Ed Hallowell, former professor at Harvard Medical School and author of Driven to Distraction, noted that many people today have “culturally generated ADD.” We have many things distract us 24/7 than ever before. “Unplug” and concentrate on the task at hand. That way you will avoid being distracted and sidetracked by the text messages, e-mail and social media notifications.

4. Have a Routine.

Bill Gates, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington all have a daily ritual before they go to bed. They “unplug” and read a book.

5. They’re Too Concerned with Being Fast.

Oliver Burkeman, in his book, The Antidote, writes about a Formula One pit crew – a group that depends on fast, efficient teamwork who realized they were not at top speed when they concentrated on speed. Rather, they achieved their best times when they emphasized functioning smoothly as a group.

How you spend each day is a clear indicator of who you are and who you will become. It’s not enough to simply want a better future. You need to know what that future looks like, and start living that way today.

Winners act like winners before they start winning. If you’re not acting like a winner today, you won’t be a winner tomorrow.


Making money on-line sometimes it so simple if you realize that your income is generally in direct proportion to the number of people you serve. Some of the biggest stars on YouTube earn big paychecks for playing with toys and video games.

Statistics for the top YouTube channels show many of the leading video stars drawing large audiences for narrating gaming sessions or unboxing new toys. Even more amazing are the dollar amounts these simple, low-budget videos generate annually.

FunToyzCollector is a YouTube personality who has a net worth of $8 million. She is best known for her YouTube videos featuring her playing with Disney cars. The faceless personality is one of the highest viewed on YouTube who received 55 million views in one month. She primarily demonstrates Disney toys on the videos. There is not much known about this mysterious YouTuber other than she may be a 43-year-old Brazilian woman who lives near Disney World in Florida.

So, what’s the take away from this. self-improvement-motivation-quotes-13

Manage what you need to focus on. 

Pay attention to your attention and stop yourself from getting on the wrong train of thought by not being distracted by the “noise” from the Internet, email or the TV.

Having a focus free from distracting mental noise can give you the inspiration you need to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary. When your WHY is strong and clear enough and free from the noise of competing distractions, the HOW will take care of itself.imgres-4


     Jeff Brown, coauthor of the book The Winner’s Brain, and an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School, studied successful people for clues as to why they’re so successful. He discovered that certain behavioral patterns were found in all kinds of successful people AND that the skills were all able to be learned.

You probably often hear people say, “I was born this way or I’ve never been good at a particular thing”. Yet the limitations you think you have are probably all in your head and by changing your thoughts, you can change your world. That’s why an obvious but often overlooked secret to success if that you become what you think about most often. Think like a winner and the odds are you’ll become a winner. It can be that simple.

Consider adding these insights to your mindset to develop a “winners brain” and escape the often self-imposed limitations you create which are probably not even there.

1. Resilience

      You probably heard that practice makes perfect. But it’s PERFECT practice that makes perfect. Learning the RIGHT way to do something and then becoming good at it is the key. Surprisingly you’ll find that your memory of what works based on your experience is much more important than just what you know. It’s your experience (trial and error) that most often allows you to connect the dots and make your efforts result in a successful outcome.

2. Adjustable Focus

     Just locking onto a task isn’t enough to be successful—it’s knowing when to “zoom in” and “zoom out” that’s key. Your ability to maintain forward momentum while accepting and incorporating new data without getting hung up on small details is the “secret sauce”.

Consider a simple distraction like responding to non-critical emails. It’s your ability to lock on to a specific goal and not be distracted from reaching it that often separates the winners from an average person who just reacts to what is presented to them.


3. Control of Your Motivation

     Most people focus on goals to keep them motivated but it’s your HABITS that you need to control to keep yourself motivated. It’s easy to get off track with achieving a goal but far less of an adjustment to simply re-start or modify a habit. Your day-to-day discipline to keep your habits on track is often the greatest factor in you becoming a success.


4. Openness to Feedback

     Successful people aren’t without flaws. They’re just better at understanding and improving themselves. It’s their failures that teach them better ways to do things and improve each day. Here’s where feedback from others is critical for you to get better.

If you want to be successful, you should know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at, while you consciously and continually improve what you’re not good at. Self-awareness coupled with constant learning AND feedback along with periodic adjustments from failures, are what can catapult you to greatness. Never forget that failure is your friend because it can help you get to what works quicker.


Take a moment and look back at the picture of the horse tied to the plastic chair. You probably recognize the irony in this scene -an 800lb. horse tied to a plastic chair weighing only a few pounds.

Perhaps a similar scenario may be playing out somewhere in your life or you job search, with the chair representing a belief that’s keeping you from moving forward.

The tricky thing about beliefs, they can cleverly disguise themselves as truth, when they’re just a story you’re telling yourself to avoid change.

If you find yourself wanting more out of life and ready to change what life is offering you, consider these ideas:

  1. Identify your “plastic chair” as a belief you tell yourself that seems to keep you immobilized.
  2. Identify a new belief you want to take its place. Consciously create a new mindset that represents a new vision of yourself.
  3. Commit to your new belief by listing HABITS that can lead to what you want to change out yourself.
  4. Recognize that (1) the story you create about yourself will give you the motivation to make changes and (2) if you want to create a different image of yourself, you must change your current story. 

To change your story, model someone you respect and admire and ideally someone you would like to be.  Work backwards from what works.  Keep in mind that success leaves clues. Leverage the lessons from the school of hard knocks that others have already figured out for you.   This saves you time, and it helps you find solutions that have been proven to work.

Sometimes a change for the better is realizing that what’s holding you back isn’t stopping you from getting what you want.


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