Finding a job in today’s job market requires a lot more than just looking on job boards for available positions.Consider how identifying a “Disruptor” can help you find a job.  A disruptive innovation is typically a technology that helps create a new market and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market, displacing an earlier technology.

A great example of this is the iPad, a product that could alter the course of how current businesses operate and potentially open up new employment opportunities as a result. Apple’s SIRI could potentially threaten Google by diverting search traffic directly to a specific website.

By just speaking to SIRI, using Google’s search engine can easily be bypassed. SIRI is not a search technology, but when SIRI takes a user directly to Rotten Tomatoes for a movie review, it allows end-users to bypass traditional search engines and provide them with information that may have originally required a specific search inquiry. Because SIRI is simply activated by your voice, end-users also bypass advertising links. Since Google gets the majority of its revenue from search advertising, the capability to bypass a traditional search engine could be a major problem for Google.

What appears to simply be a business threat from a Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface (SIRI) may in fact be a clue for where to look for new employment opportunities. If SIRI or a similar Android technology becomes the dominant way for people to find information when they are mobile, a likely employment market for specialized applications is not far away. Web designers may want to consider a career broadening transition to specialize in mobilized sites that integrate other applications optimized for voice recognition software.

The lesson here is that job search is a PROCESS to discover a STRATEGY to find meaningful and in-demand employment. Don’t just look for posted jobs. Also consider matching or enhancing your skills for opportunities that represent something that adds value to future business needs.

Take your search one step further and go after jobs that are likely to become opportunities and offer potentially longer-term employment. You’ll have less competition and learn new skills that will make your expertise scarce and worth more. Disrupt your current way of thinking and forget about what’s currently available and focus on preparing yourself for what’s just around the corner.